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My name is Ilya Lyubimov , and I work as an instructor surfing since 1996 , since 2004 - an instructor kite boarding .

I worked in the biggest and most famous schools of the world and adopting the whole experience , unearthed in 2005 kite - school in the Crimea.

In winter, our school is working in Egypt and Hurghada !
Our team - only experienced instructor with experience of at least 5 years !



Ilya Liubimov

Birthday: 25.07.1979
City: 1979
Expirience: 1996


2 kids)

Kite size



Egypt, Mauritius, Krim(Ukraine), Bali, Greece

Favourite trick



The multiple prize-winner of diffrent kite boarding competitions. Windsurfing instructor from 1997 to 2004.Kiteboarding Instructor from 2004. The certificated  IKO instructor Level 2 senior ( the highest level in Russia). The Founder www.kiteguru.pro school.

Andrei Salnik

Birthday: 03.12.1985
City: 1985
Expirience: 2006


The fivefold champion of Ukrain in free style. Airush pro rider.


Donuslav gulf ( Ukrain), Koblevo (Odessa, Ukrain)


About himself : a Windaholic:)) Recently I can't imagine my life without kiteboarding. But at the same time I'd like to try myself in some diffrent kind of sport, may be in wake boarding or in moto-cross.

Sergei Sotov

Birthday: 10.06.1986
City: Saint-Petersburg
Expirience: 2004


Cabrinha prorider

The multiple prize-winner of diffrent international competitions. The silver winner of Russian Cup 2012

Sergei Misovskiy

Birthday: 29.07.1986
City: Saint-Petersburg
Expirience: 2005


In October 2005 he got the 3d place in open skateboard competition "Street Summit". At the same time with skateboarding he was training snowboarding. In the summer 2005 he got his first experience in kitesurfing. Till present time kitesurfing remains his main kind of sport.

In 2007 he had journey to USA, San Francisco, where he experienced the classic surfing.

In 2008 he got the 6th place in kitesurfing competition in Russia, in the category of not sponsored athletes.

In 2009 he moved to Bali, where he actively practiced surfing and kitesurfing.

On Russian surfing championship 2009 he got the 6 th place in Short Board discipline.

In 2010 he got the 3d place in long board discipline on Russian Championship.

In 2011 he got the 1st place of Russian Cup in short board discipline.

Besides sport he continues to improve in graphic design, drawing and graphics, practices Surf Art Style.

In December 2012 he got the 2d place of Surf Russian Cup in Wung Tau (Vietnam)


Ivan Chetverikov

Birthday: 21.06.1976
City: Saint-Petersburg
Expirience: 2005


One of the first kite instructors in Russia. The prize-winner of multiple competitions.

Dmitriy Filipov (major)

Birthday: 05.10.1975
City: Moscow
Expirience: 2006


Kite theorist and kite surfer.

Kite size



Mauritius, Vietnam, Krim (Ukrain)

Favourite trick

Big waves on surfboard.


Wind breath and sea energy give me the life feeling.

I adore kiting and riding waves in storm.

Besides of kite I like snowboard and Motorsport.

I'm jealous to my students when they make their first tack.

Anton Uzhegov

Birthday: 26.03.1982
City: Perm
Expirience: 2004


The rider of Russian Ozone Team

The director of wake park in Perm.

Kitesurfing and Snowboard instructor with IKO certicate.

The fivefold champion of snow kite skiing in freestyle in Russia, the champion of snow kite in Europe 2012. The World Champion 2012 of snow kite skiing in free style, Snow Kite Mastrs

He has a higher Education of Institute of Culture in Perm.

Degree: management and tourism.

Tha special education: the Artist Decorator ( Krasnokamskiy Lycée  32)

Hobby: mountain skiing,surfing, wakeboard, music, mountain bike, rock-climbing.

Birthday: 00.00.0000
Expirience: Виндсерфинг с 1995 кайт с 2010