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Preparing for new 2023 season!


Completion of the 2022 season and plans for 2023.
We drive around France, as always bought tickets from Hurghada at a profit, rented a car, this time very unusual! car industry (I am now without any irony) The rental office said that this is now a hit! A joint project of Volvo and Lynks. The car is just fire! Stuffed with electronics! Everything is convenient! Porsches and Mercedes are just canned compared to this toy! Cote d'Azur, we were surprised at how many construction sites there are in Monaco! The second Dubai! We were passing through the town of Aix en Provence, I never thought that in France they love pizza and hamburgers soooo much! There is only this on the menu of all restaurants! Where is French cuisine ????? We're going to Bordeaux! They won't let you down there! They say that in these parts food comes first for the French, well, we'll see! But of course, we have established a kitchen on our yachts, but we wanted something new! As always, Karina and I personally purchase products and participate in the preparation of masterpieces for our most demanding guests!
Speaking of yachts! The yacht fleet in Egypt is being updated! Two new yachts of 2022 are on the way !!!
This year we organized 30 safaris! It was planned twice as many, but the hardest year made its adjustments. For the Egyptian partners, the war, as it turned out, did not seem like a serious circumstance to return the deposits. But we continue to conduct safaris and collect boats. Nobody knows of the future! What seemed impossible and crazy a few years ago is happening now at once or twice! But still we will believe in ourselves, in the best and plan the spring season
In total, we plan to conduct 20 kite safaris in 2023. 3 times less than plans for 2023 .. but for now let's start like this.
So in our menu for 2023 until spring. Announcement of summer and autumn a little later.

The newest yacht of 2022!!! Date of birth of the yacht September 2022!!! We have already done 6 weeks of test dive-kite safari on this beauty. Huge cabins, steel hull 48 meters!!! Beach Party Generator! Let's start on April 1st.
April 1-8 a week with children (children's holidays), April 8-15 a week with party gerls (a week absolutely without children!),
April 29 - May 06 and May 6-13 ( May holidays )
Prices from 1500 euros per person for accommodation and meals. Unlimited tuition (equipment rental included) Beginner tuition 600 euros, advanced. For confident skiers, 500 euros remain ..
for the week of April 15-22 and May 6-13 yacht Eclipse (in 2023 price from 1950 per person)
Also on April 15-22, the newest yacht Dolphin 4 will be presented, the cost of participation is from 1400 euros.
In the new season, we accept rubles at the rate of the Central Bank + 2% in Russia! You no longer need to look for currency! Air tickets in advance from $400 per person for a direct flight! Not many places left
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