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New season kite safari in Egypt 2022


For many years in a row, kitesafari.pro has been the leader in organizing kite cruises in Egypt on the Red Sea. In 2019 we conducted 20 kite safaris, in 2021 45 yachts. in 2022, 30 weeks of 2-3 yachts are planned.

The reason for this success is the professional team of the school, the best latest equipment from top brands - CORE, NORTH, DUOTONE. We were among the first to conduct kite safari in Egypt. Therefore, in our piggy bank, the largest number of studied places for skiing with smooth water and shallow lagoons or vice versa with waves. Starting in 2022, we will introduce wingfoil training as standard. You can choose the kite safari format, with or without children, for professionals only or for beginners.

You can also buy a yacht for a week for your own format. Celebrate a birthday or wedding. Host a corporate event. Choose your unforgettable week!


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