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Kite safari with children


Kite safari with children. I attach my guys to the kite from 4-5 years. The eldest went at 5 and the youngest at 6. The eldest is now 10, and he makes back rolls, front rolls, jumps. Rides on his own. But always under supervision. Girls are developing earlier. At 6-7 they can calmly begin to ride. The best part of kite safari is that there are a dozen children on the yacht. As a rule, children come 2-3 times a year and some already ride very well. Always all the kids talk about kite. And in the evening, they conduct a special "children's" debriefing. Children find themselves in an atmosphere where everything around is just about kite and talk and everyone kite. There is no choice left and they are also actively beginning to engage. On a yacht especially for children, a huge number of kites 3-4-5-6-7-8 meters, straps with short slings. Trapeze xxxs size. Boards from 110 cm. Super small loops. We always take a teacher. In their free time from kite, children are busy with games, draw, make entire films, participate in quizzes, competitions and theater plays! We always take a doctor from the new year. He has an additional profile - a massage therapist, rehabilitologist. I used to come on a safari with Vitali Klitschko, and Vitaly, by the way, also flies to us on a Safari with children 2-3 times a year. Oleg became friends with the masseur and left him for the whole season. The guy does massage 10 hours a day! $ 30 delivered per hour. But with children, he is both a doctor and a father of two, always on the alert. The yacht always has 7-9 instructors. What provides an individual approach to training!
Teaching a child costs 500 euros for the whole week, includes the services of a teacher! All day the child learns on kite, wakeboard, paddle board, or plays with other children along with the teacher. Parents have a lot of free time, ride a kite, relax, knowing that the children are supervised and always there! From the yacht to the spot, as a rule, 100 meters. Everything is at a glance! The next safari with children is April 4-11, April 25-May 2, possibly June 6-13 (As long as this week is completely free, the format of the safari will be clear after the first 10 guests), all of August, as always, is the most ideal time of year for children and the only thing when the children are not freezing and can ride a maximum in a short wetsuit.

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