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Luxury / Egypt
Speed: 16 knots
Build year: 2021 г.
Lenght: 43
Width: 9
Price per person


Price per yacht



The NEO yacht is one of the most prestigious and luxurious yachts in Egypt, it is suitable for discerning guests who want to spend their sea holidays in luxury and comfort https://youtu.be/fOJgmPsL71c

and facilities on the yacht

1st floor rooms 1-6 (standard beds only)

2nd floor Dive deck, restaurant and cabins 7-10 (cabins with large observation window, single beds or twin beds)
3rd floor Sun Deck, Bar, Company Cabins, Bridge & Jacuzzi, Cabins 11-12, (Cabins with full view windows, beds and single or twin, private balcony)

4th floor sundecks, sun loungers, yoga deck, master suites 13-14 (master suites with full full view window and one king bed)



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